Graco Symbio B Review (originally posted on 16/05/13)

Well where to start, when me and my hubby first found out I was expecting I knew I wanted a travel system that was light (I’m 5″3 and 7st 10) easy to fold and compact, and most of all cheap šŸ™‚ so we decided to go 2nd hand šŸ™‚ and we decided that the Graco Symbio B was the one for us, so I’m going to break it down into my favourite parts, parts I dislike and what I’d change about it šŸ™‚

Manuver-ability –Ā The Symbio B is really easy to manuver, the front wheels can swivel 360 degrees or lock into place if you should want to. You can even push it with one hand.

Compact –Ā The Symbio B is very compact, it folds down really small and can fit easily through two closely parked cars with ease.

Price –Ā The Symbio B is a cheap travel system, if you know where to look, the cheapest I’ve seen it for is Ā£199.99 in Toys’R’Us we bought ours second hand for Ā£150.

Colours –Ā The Symbio B comes in different colours, Urban, Arctic Blue (this may be the original Symbio model colour as I’ve never seen the Symbio B), Chilli Red and Boysenberry (exclusive to Toys’R’Us) as we stayed team yellow during our pregnancy we went for Urban. (I would love for there to be a bigger choice of colours, or inter-changeableĀ ones so you could pick & mix if you wanted to)

Things I love with the Symbio B
I love that the Symbio B is lightweight in total it weighs 7.5kg, without the attachment the chassis is approx 5kg, I love how smooth a ride it is for my daughter Elena, it’s been rolled over stones, cobbles, and uneven tarmac and she has happily looked around or as most the time she’s in there slept soundly. I also love the Carry-cot, its spacious for small babies ( might be a bit of a squeeze for larger babies) but as Elena was a tiny 19 inches she fit in it with room to spare (probably could have fitted two of her in there) she did get bored of being in the carry-cot rather quickly because she’s very inquisitive and nosy (she loves being sat up so she can have a good nosy). The pushchair part is spacious and well padded it reclines right back so she can sleep easily, it also sits up and sits up straight. Elena loves sitting up. I also love where the break is placed (just on the side of the handle, it means your not going to knock it easily with your foot and once the break is on it won’t shift about on a moving bus.

Things I hate with the Symbio B
As our Symbio B was 2nd hand it didn’t come with the originalĀ rain-coverĀ (it may have been the originalĀ rain-coverĀ for the Graco Symbio) ours was the newer model with the oldĀ rain-coverĀ (annoying but it works for now) I will be looking in to how to make a rain-cover myself and changing the design slightly. I also hate the size of the basket its so small. (Listen up Graco, the Symbio B could do with a bigger and deeper basket) other than those two things there’s not much to hate about the Symbio B.

So my score out of 10, I give it 8.5/10 losing 1 and a half points because of the basket and raincover

Thanks for reading
A Mummy’s Honest Review Founder


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