MAM anti colic 160ml bottles (originally posted on 21/7/13)

First up is the anti colic bottles, these bottles are amazing, Elena has took to these bottles better than she ever did with the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles.

These bottles come apart really easily, and they stack very neatly so they can be sterilized in the microwave in 3 minutes. The teats don’t collapse when baby sucks on them which stops baby getting frustrated trying to get milk out. The teats come in 4 different sizes… Size 1 – slow flow, size 2 – medium flow, size 3 – fast flow and cross cut – for thicker comfort milk. The bottles come in 4 different colours, 




And white

They come in several different sizes, I’m testing the 160 ml bottles which is just over 5 oz, these are a perfect size for Elena as she usually struggles to drink more than 3 oz.

The only downside to these bottles are that they are expensive, but they are definitely worth the price for them, mothercare have a good deal of a starter set which includes
2 x 130ml Anti Colic Bottles
2 x 160ml Anti Colic Bottles
4 x 260ml Anti Colic Middles
4 x Slow Flow Teats
4 x Sealing Discs
1 x Handles
1 x Spout
1 x Start Soother

I am very tempted to buy this set if we get on OK with these test bottles

So out of ten. I give the MAM bottles 9.5/10 losing half a point because of the price

Hope you enjoyed reading

A Mommy’s Honest review founder




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