MAM manual breast pump (originally posted on 23/7/13)

Next up is MAM’s manual breast pump, this breast pump is great it takes a little longer than an electric pump, but you get good results, first time we went to use it, we discovered that the silicone valve was missing, so I emailed MAM to let them know, they apologised and said that they would send a valve out first class in the post that evening, the valve came a couple of days later.

Ease of use, its really easy to assemble and use, you need to be prepared to get hand cramp with it being a manual pump, whereas an electric pump you can just pop it on and your good to go.

So second attempt went a little better, hubby managed to express a couple of ounces, (he wanted me to say moo, I obliged and said moo) we then popped the bottle in the fridge so we could feed Elena later in the day.

Third attempt this morning went a lot better, having a poorly morning with Elena, I managed to express 4 ounces with Elena feeding from the other side.

So out of ten, I give the breast pump 9.5/10, losing half a point for hand cramp but if you do it often enough you get used to it.

Hope you have enjoyed reading
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