Nappykind boutique sweets and cakes leggings

These leggings are gorgeous πŸ™‚ they come in a few different sizes, I picked the 6-12 months for Elena, and they are a little on the large size, currently they go up to her armpits πŸ™‚ seriously cute! But the good thing is they will last her a while and they keep her toasty warm πŸ™‚

The sweets and cakes leggings are black with white polka dots, strawberries on the ankles and a big cake on the back with the word sweets in blue underneath the cake

With Elena I ruched the legs to make them fit her in the leg, there wasn’t much I could do about the waist, so I just pulled them up to her armpits, she thinks they’re fantastic as she can crawl about in them really easy πŸ™‚ with Elena being such a little dot I’m sure these leggings will last her well past 12 months πŸ™‚

As I type this she’s wriggling round our front room floor after paper, daddy’s shoes and rice crispy squares (naughty mummy gives her some chocolate chips from the rice crispy squares) I can’t complain the girl loves chocolate!

Thanks to Sabrina for the lovely leggings and I hope to be working with you some more in the future!

You can find them and more seriously cute leggings, leg warmers and reusable nappies at

A mummy’s honest review founder

And you finally get to meet the lovely Elena in this photo as she’s our little model πŸ™‚



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