NappyKind boutique pink & black owl hat and pink leopard print leg warmers

This one is pretty short for now but will be adding to it the more Elena wears them.

The pink & black owl hat is ridiculously cute, its hand made so it takes a little longer to ship, but it keeps Elena’s head nice and warm during the cold days 🙂 she loves playing with the ties and is fascinated watching the ends blow in the breeze

The pink leopard print leg warmers are perfect for wearing under sleepsuits, jeans and any other piece of clothing to keep those little legs warm, Elena loves hers and will, be wearing them more often when it gets colder. They are a little tight, but that’s because she’s got such yummy chubby legs 🙂

I give the hat 10/10 as it’s very cosy and ridiculously cute!
I give the leg warmers 9.5/10 losing half a point because of them being a little tight

A mummy’s honest review founder



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