Playtex drop in nurser bottles

Well these bottles are off to an excellent start already as for the first time Elena drank 7 ounces from a bottle, it may have taken 40 minutes with a couple of burping breaks in the middle but she did it, Elena taking 40 minutes tells me that she will probably need the medium or fast flow teats but for now I’m happy that she managed to take 7 oz.

I emailed Caroline today (21/10/13) and she’s going to send out some new teats for the bottle which is great

The new teats arrived and they are a hit, Elena is able to drink her goodnight milk without getting frustrated that the milk is not coming fast enough. Her goodnight milk is very thick which is supposed to be more satisfying, as of yet I’ve not seen much difference. The bottles do reduce wind which is great, with these bottles only a couple of burping breaks compared to the 5-6 with tommee tippee closer to nature and the 3-4 with the MAM bottles.

These bottles can be a bit of a hassle to put together as you have to put a new liner in for every feed, but if you wash the teat straight after its been used and put it together ready for the next feed its not too bad.

Sadly Elena now refuses to entertain a bottle for any type of drink, which is very sad as this bottle had the potential to actually get her to drink milk from someone else

So in the end I give these bottles 9/10 losing a point for being a little fiddly to put together in the middle of the night

Thanks for reading

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