MAM soft soothers & Mam massaging brush

The mam soft soothers are great for when Elena is teething as she can chew on the ends of the soother due to them having soft silicone tips, these soothers start from 6 months plus, Elena has only recently moved up to the next size soother as the 0+ months were getting a bit small. We mainly use these soothers when out and about if she’s getting cranky due to her teeth, but we do use them for her to play with if she’s teething as she will chew on anything she can get her hands on including the mam massaging brush, which is another great piece of kit when babies are teething as they can chew on both ends of the massaging brush due to it being made from silicone as well, I used this to help Elena with teething pain, which is good as she now loves having her teeth brushed.

For the soft soothers I give 9/10 due to them being a unusual shape and that they could have another silicone ridge and for the massaging brush 10/10 as its taught Elena to love having her teeth brushed

A mummy’s honest review founder



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