Close Caboo DX carrier

This review is from my amazing mum 🙂 i sadly didn’t use this carrier much due to the rings digging into my sides I’m a very tiny size 6 so here is my lovely mums review of the carrier

56 year old Grandma
I was a little reluctant to try out the close caboo carrier due to being size 20+, but was surprised to find that
1. It fit! and
2. How comfortable it was!

I was initially concerned that it would not be secure for baby but once the straps were put in position there was no way my granddaughter was going anywhere! Very secure for a baby, without discomfort of buckles etc. on their tender skin
I needed help putting it on each time I used the carrier, but was able to take it off and remove baby safely by myself. I carried my grand-daughter in the front facing position and she loved it! Free hands and feet which I enjoyed holding. I trialled this on wintery cold days – baby was very warm and toasty as it felt like I was carrying a little hot water bottle!
Pros: Light weight and comfortable; buckles fastening on adult in all the right places (small of back etc) to not cause any discomfort. One size fits all – even tubby grandma’s!
Cons: I needed help to put on; as its in two pieces
Score: 9/10 (only losing a point for being not being able to put on myself.)

PS This grandma suffers from chronic back pain; while carrying my granddaughter it did not make it worse at all, although I did suffer a little more the day after. This had nothing to do with the carrier design, but more to do with the fact that I had carried my granddaughter in it without feeling any discomfort for over 2 hours, which I am sure was a bit silly for someone with back pain to do!  Why did I do it? Because I loved being able to carry her for such a long time – which I am not normally able to do!  If you suffer with back pain be sensible! 🙂