MAM premium glass bottles & cross cut teats

The MAM premium glass bottles are 9oz bottles which are very pretty albeit a little fragile, we’ve been sent 3 so far and one unfortunately was smashed during transit, we now have two very pretty pink themed glass bottles, which are a little large and heavy for Elena to hold herself, but she does seem to drink really well from them with the cross cut teats.

We requested the cross cut teats as Elena was sucking so hard she was managing to collapse the size 3 teats we had. The cross cut teats allow more liquid to get through so Elena no longer gets frustrated with drinking her milk.

I give the glass bottles 9/10 losing one point for being a bit fragile

I give the cross cut teats 10/10 as these teats have helped Elena be less frustrated when drinking her milk

Thanks for reading,

A Mummy’s Honest Review Founder


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