MaM Babywearing Coat

The MaM MotherHood Coat with Mam*tec, is amazing, it is lovely and warm and its waterproof, although at a skinny size 6 it is still huge on me, but it keeps both me and Elena warm when shes in her woven wrap and Boba Carrier.

When I asked to review the coat I asked to review it in the Black, the coat is completely adjustable and also has adjustable sleeve lengths as well. The hood on this coat is huge!! it quite easily covers both me and Elena no problem, we have been using the coat for a few months and we both love it, Elena because she stays nice and warm and gets cuddles while being carried around, this coat is designed to be used when carrying little ones on your front, at the time when I asked to review the coat we hadn’t mastered back carries, but now both of us are more confident with back carries and I would love to review the two-way coat as this would enable us to use the boba carrier out and about for days when she refuses to go in her buggy.

I also love the fact that you can use this coat during pregnancy, as when i was pregnant with Elena I really struggled to find a coat that fit, if I fall pregnant again in the future I would use this coat then as I know it would keep me warm during pregnancy.

Overall I give this coat 9/10 only losing a point because its not as adjustable as i’d like.

A Mummy’s Honest Review Founder