Little Tikes Ladybird Cozy Coupe

A couple of weeks ago we had a very exciting delivery which was an amazing Little Tikes Cozy Coupe in the Ladybird design, I had to get my Dad to help assemble the car, all while being “helped” by 2 year old Elena, my Dad did grumble slightly with putting it together as he was surprised at how many pieces the car comes in. Once it was all assembled, both me and my dad helped Elena to put the black spot stickers on to make it into a ladybird, this is a job she really enjoyed doing, as she adores stickers. Once the stickers were on Elena immediately wanted to sit in her new car, I then spent the next half hour pushing her around the house in her car making the appropriate car noises, currently we have the removable base in the bottom of the car in as even though Elena is 2 she is very small for her age so her legs are slightly too short to propel the car on her own, I’m sure as she grows she will be able to propel the car by herself. I don’t currently have any photos of Elena in the car yet due to potty training and being poorly with my asthma. Once I have some photos of her in the car I will upload them.


Giving the car a mark out of 10 I give it a 8/10 only losing 2 marks for the amount of assembly required


Hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to comment.


A Mummy’s Honest Review Founder



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