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So I have some new reviews coming soon, the next one is going to be another interesting review as it’s a review of the Lunette Menstrual Cup 
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Slumbersac’s Sleeping Bag with feet! 

So recently I’ve been trying to get Elena to sleep in her own bed with her being almost 4…. we only had one problem….. she would kick the covers off in the middle of the night and get cold, ultimately ending up back in with me….. its like sleeping with an octopus….. she wriggles and moves around all night *rolls eyes* so we first tried a grobag, but she would wake up having gotten tangled in it and I’d end up taking it off in the middle of the night and she’d end up in with me again.

I then started researching how to keep her warm in the middle of the night when she would kick the covers off. This is when I came across the company slumbersac…. now they do sleeping bags like the grobags but they also do a sleeping bag with feet. Aha I thought…. we might be onto something here…. so I ordered one just to try.

First I ordered a sleeveless one in 12-18 months old because of Elena being small it fit her perfectly. So night one we tried it and it worked beautifully until 4am when her arms got cold and she ended up in with me, albeit in her sleeping bag. So a couple of days later I ordered a second one with sleeve’s in what they call their winter weight which is around 3.5 tog, the original one I bought was just the standard tog of 2-2.5 tog. So night 3…. new sleeping bag, slightly bigger size of 18-24 months a pair of socks and off to bed we went…. well for the first time in a long time, she slept peacefully in her own bed till 6am! She was toasty warm when I took her out for bath time (she insisted on keeping it on for breakfast…. can’t complain) unfortunately after a couple of washes the zip gave out, some of the teeth had come off the bottom of the zip resulting in the zip splitting. Thankfully for that night, magic grandad managed to get the zip back together till the morning, when I emailed slumbersac’s customer services’ who were absolutly fabulous and immediately sent out a replacement which arrived the next day.

Elena is rather attached to her new sleeping bag’s and want’s to be in them as much as possible, she’s just so cuddly first thing on a morning 🙂

So I’m giving the slumberac’s sleeping bag with feet 9.5/10 losing half a point for the zip breaking

Here’s Elena’s personalised sleeping bags and a a photo of her in her sleeveless one 🙂

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*Warning for those who are squeamish* Cloth Sanitary Pad’s from TCS-ECO

Hey Everyone!

Sorry we’ve been quiet, we’ve been really busy recently and I’ve been so rubbish keeping on top of the blog!

So CSP or Mummy Fluff are fab! I personally love them, they’re easy to look after, super comfortable and a lot nicer than the disposable version!

Now CSP is definitely not for you if your squeamish/grossed out easily because you do need to wash them, it is sooo easy to do though. They look identical to disposable pads and come in all shapes and sizes. You can get liners to heavy absorbency in a range of colours. I bought some from the lovely Kerry-Anne at TCS-ECO, her pads are so well made and have lovely stitching on them so you can easily identify the absorbency on them. You use them exactly how you would disposables (I would recommend using tight knickers so they don’t move around)

Washing your CSP…. washing them is soo easy, you soak them in cold water, rinse them out till the water runs clear and then pop them in the wash with your normal wash! easy as that 🙂

Comfort wise, they are much more comfortable than their disposable counterparts! because they’re made from cloth, they’re like sitting on a cloud, rather than sitting on uncomfortable plastic.

I’m giving these 10/10 as I think they’re fab!

A Mummy’s Honest Review Founder

Dannii 🙂