*Warning for those who are squeamish* Cloth Sanitary Pad’s from TCS-ECO

Hey Everyone!

Sorry we’ve been quiet, we’ve been really busy recently and I’ve been so rubbish keeping on top of the blog!

So CSP or Mummy Fluff are fab! I personally love them, they’re easy to look after, super comfortable and a lot nicer than the disposable version!

Now CSP is definitely not for you if your squeamish/grossed out easily because you do need to wash them, it is sooo easy to do though. They look identical to disposable pads and come in all shapes and sizes. You can get liners to heavy absorbency in a range of colours. I bought some from the lovely Kerry-Anne at TCS-ECO, her pads are so well made and have lovely stitching on them so you can easily identify the absorbency on them. You use them exactly how you would disposables (I would recommend using tight knickers so they don’t move around)

Washing your CSP…. washing them is soo easy, you soak them in cold water, rinse them out till the water runs clear and then pop them in the wash with your normal wash! easy as that 🙂

Comfort wise, they are much more comfortable than their disposable counterparts! because they’re made from cloth, they’re like sitting on a cloud, rather than sitting on uncomfortable plastic.

I’m giving these 10/10 as I think they’re fab!

A Mummy’s Honest Review Founder

Dannii 🙂



4 thoughts on “*Warning for those who are squeamish* Cloth Sanitary Pad’s from TCS-ECO

  1. I love these pads too Kerry is so amazing I have even messaged her 10pm at night for advice and she has messaged me straight back.

  2. I recommend ‘Momma Star CSP & Baby Snuggles BST’ for cloth towels. She has so many fabric choices, so helpful and her prices are amazing! I found TCS to be too bulky and very stiff even after a lot of washes. I honestly can’t praise Momma Star enoug! She does loyalty points, too ☺

  3. If you want to try but really are too squeamish you don’t have to wash them out. Just leave in a wetbag till all pads are ready to be washed and shove in washer together. Hey presto soft comfy pads again.

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