Lunette Menstrual Cup

So my review today is of the Lunette Menstrual Cup. These were first around in 1930, but recently they’ve made a comeback! Now for me these are amazing! I love my menstrual cup! It’s been a couple of months since I’ve received mine, and I’ve had 2 periods so it’s had a good test of how well it works 🙂

Month One! (February 2017)

So I got the tell tale signs I was about to start my period, so followed the instructions of how to sterilise it for the first time (it says to boil it for 20 minutes) so off I go downstairs to boil my cup. Once it’s been boiled I leave it to cool which doesn’t take too long and then pop upstairs to the bathroom, fold it in half and pop it in. 

Now I have to admit, I’m a pad girl, only recently did I start using tampons because I’ve never found tampons comfortable, so inserting the Lunette Cup felt weird to say the least, but once it was in and had been in for a couple of hours, I didn’t even notice it! I go about my daily routine with no issues, now usually with my period I’m light for the first couple of days and then have a couple of heavy days, now this is where I could have done with the larger cup (I will definitely be investing in the larger one) as I did leak, although not a lot, I hadn’t quite got the timing of emptying it before it got too full. But apart from the one leak incident, my period was much more comfortable and less of a faff.

Month Two! (March 2017)

Now month two was an interesting time to have a period, as I had just had a mpfl (medial patellofemoral ligament) reconstruction on my right knee. So just getting around was a challenge in itself, trying to insert when you can’t really bend your leg very well…. well here’s where I’m glad I’m extra flexible! For the first 2 days I didn’t dare try and insert incase I twisted my knee the wrong way, so I stuck with my reusable pads, but because I couldn’t get round easily, I spent those two days mostly sat with my leg up…. causing much frustration and discomfort…. so with a dose of painkillers and relaxing as best I could, I inserted the cup and instantly felt sweet relief from the pads. The rest of my period was spent just sitting around while resting my leg. 

Sterilising the cup is super easy, I use a tiny bit of bleach diluted with lots of hot water, leave till the waters cooled and then let it air dry and pop it back in it’s gorgeous little storage bag 🙂

So I give the Lunette menstrual cup 10/10 because I do really love my cup, I’m just gutted I didn’t discover them sooner! 
Thanks for reading and subscribing, see you in the next one

A mummy’s honest review founder

Dannii xx


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